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International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 3

Worldwide business - Essay Example Mostly, this might be on the grounds that not every one of the individuals who utilize the term separate it obviously enough from the well known idea of internationalization. A few authors, truth be told, utilize the two terms conversely (Ibid.). Writing appears there is no single concurred meaning of globalization, however that it might be the idea of the 1990s. As indicated by Sklair’s (1999) inquire about, its significance is quite misrepresented, yet most books recommend it is a thought whose opportunity has arrived. To sift through every one of these thoughts, globalization as an idea utilizes Sklair’s (1999) scientific classification of seeing globalization in this paper towards the end. Each model is quickly talked about and dissected from the perspective of humanism. The conversation tightens with a synopsis of these models, and as introduced by Sklair (1999) makes note that they are overwhelmed by European-North American writing without sees from Asia. Notwithstanding, these are just done after conversations considering how globalization as a marvel has won in the new thousand years. What follows are the means by which globalization has visited the new thousand years strategically, financially, socially or something else. Globalization, deciphered as worldwide monetary joining, is contended, as not being later since there have been times of globalization over numerous hundreds of years. (IPS, n.d.) It is just that there is currently the speeding up development of products and enterprises, individuals, capital and innovation being experienced far and wide. Explicitly globalization in the new thousand years is set apart by quickened decrease in transport and correspondence costs, more noteworthy universal specialization in view of advancement of exchange, expanding exchange benefits because of the computerized unrest, and expanding reconciliation of major developing markets into the world economy. (IPS, n.d.) . Politically, Macedo (n.d.) would include, the expanding arrangement of social principles and gauges of utilization; the debilitating of

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Review on To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Review on To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Jul 16, 2019 in Book Review To kill a Mockingbird is a 1960 novel by Harper Lee. The book appeared right at the moment of the growing civil rights movement and immediately became successful, attracting controversy. The plot, as well as the characters of the story, is loosely based on Harper Lees observations of her own family and neighbors. In spite of the fact that much of the background for To kill a Mockingbird came from Harper Lees childhood experiences, the plot is primarily drawn from the authors imagination. The novel wins the hearts of its readers with its simplicity, humor and warmth, however, at the same time it makes the readers think about such serious issues as racial inequality and rape among others. The primary themes ofHarper Lees novel are such important themes as the destruction of innocence and racial injustices. However, To kill a Mockingbird involves issues of gender roles, class, courage, and compassion in the AmericanDeep South. The novel fosters tolerance and decries prejudice. Harper Lees book explores the moral nature of people - that is, what makes a person good or evil. The author approaches this question through dramatization of the transition of Scout and Jem from a perspective of childhood innocence, while they were good as they have never seen what is evil, to the perspective of adults, when they have met evil and must include it into their new understanding of the world. Order now Live Chat Harper Lee raises a question of how children are taught to make their movement from innocence to adulthood. However, To kill a Mockingbird proclaims that not everybody is ready for this transition from innocence to experience of knowing what is hatred, ignorance, and prejudice. This is shown by the author through Tom Robinson and Boo Radley who were not prepared to encounter evil, and, were destroyed, as a result. Richard McRoberts adds, The fictional trial and shooting of Tom Robinson is a painful reminder of the real life persecution and murder of African Americans (negroes and blacks) over several centuries (6). Atticus Finch is a moral voice ofTo Kill a Mockingbird. He is the one who has experienced and comprehended what is evil, maintaining his faith in the capacity for goodness of a human. Atticus Finch understands that people are not the creatures of good or evil only, they have both bad and good qualities. Through this character, Harper Lee calls her readers to appreciate the good values and try to understand the bad ones. Andrew Haggerty argues, If Atticus Finch embodies the moral values that Lee intends her novel to champion. These values are primarily expressed through his defense of Tom Robinson, doomed to be found guilty of a crime he did not commit because he is black and his accuser is white. How one judges Atticuss failed defense of Tom against the pervasive and sickening racism of the society Lee so vividly depicts, is ultimately how one judge the novel (47). From the moral lesson to Scout and Jem, the author tries to show that people should live with conscience with keeping hope and without becoming cynical. Throughout the novel Atticus Finch teaches Scout and the readers of the novel to view the world from the perspective of forgiveness and understanding. To Kill a Mockingbird is full of simplicity, humor and warmth, but at the same time, the novel touches such serious themes as racial inequality, rape, gender roles, class, courage, and compassion.Through the characters of the novel, Harper Lee tries to raise such important questions as movement from innocence to adulthood of children and what makes a person good or evil. To kill a Mockingbird teaches people to be good and to try to understand each other instead of judging subjectively.

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Internet Fraud - 3044 Words

Internet fraud is a problem that has become very widespread in recent years. Internet fraud was first monitored by the Internet Fraud Watch organization in 1996. The Fraud Watch has stated that each year after its inception internet fraud has increased. In 1998, the Securities and Exchange Commission established the Office of Internet Enforcement to fight online securities fraud which was another sign of how large the problem is becoming (Clausing). Despite the SEC ¡Ã‚ ¦s efforts this problem has not been alleviated, but instead continues to grow. According to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC),  ¡Ã‚ §the total dollar loss from all referred internet fraud cases was $54 million in 2002; this amount is almost three times as much than was†¦show more content†¦The seller does this to try and gain a larger bid for his item. „h Triangulation involves three parties: the perpetrator, a consumer, and an online merchant (BSIS). The perpetrator buys goods from a merchant using a stolen credit card and then attempts to sell the goods on an online auction site (BSIS). The consumer purchases the item without knowing that it is illegally owned. The consumer is then susceptible to police questioning and confiscating of the goods. The buyer and the merchant are both victims (BSIS). „h Fee stacking is the process of adding hidden charges to the item after the consumer has already made the purchase. Examples include separate charges for postage, handling, and the shipping container (BSIS). „h Black-Market goods are sold openly in online auctions. Black-Market goods are goods that are illegal. They include counterfeit merchandise, copied CDs, pirated software, and guns (BSIS). „h Multiple bidding is used by a buyer to buy an item at a lower price. The buyer obtains several aliases on the auction site and then makes multiple high and low bids with these different names. At the end of the auction the bidder then retracts the larger bids in order to get the item at a low price (BSIS) „h Shill bidding happens when the seller bids on his own item in order to raise the price on the item. The Study In our study we hope to provide further evidence that the problem of internet auction fraud exists.Show MoreRelatedInternet Fraud2358 Words   |  10 Pageshave a tremendous capacity... to bring people together by extending the already diverse and complex ties that people have among themselves.† The Internet technology connects almost everyone, but it also has its complications. This paper focuses on one main problem Internet users may encounter. It is limited through certain books, dictionaries, and internet sources that are accessible. The writer used books for facts and figures, dictionaries for descriptive purposes, and credible online sources suchRead MoreInternet Theft Of Online Auction Fraud Essay865 Words   |  4 Pagesamount of fraudsters using auction fraud to scam individuals out of their money, it is essential to know to handle the situation after becoming a victim. The victims of online auction fraud often report numerous issues that include â€Å"buyers rec eiving goods late, or not at all, sellers not receiving payment, and failure to disclose relevant information about a product or the terms of sale† (Auction Fraud, 2010). If anyone becomes a victim of online auction fraud, the actions taken next are very importantRead MoreInternet Hoaxes and Fraud Essay1313 Words   |  6 PagesInternet Hoaxes and Fraud The Internet has many benifical uses that everyone can use to create an easier and more relaxed life. People can now work in there home over the computer, purchase goods and services and even meet new people. The Internet has taken the vast amount of space that separate people from across the world and connects them through a network of phone lines, cable and DSL modems, and even satellites. Unfortunately, with this great new technology we face a new problem. InternetRead More Internet Fraud and Identity Theft Essay1176 Words   |  5 PagesInternet Fraud and Identity Theft The Internet is not just a medium for information; it is a tool for communication. Creating a new social sphere and environment, the Internet allows virtually anyone to be a participant. Chat rooms, discussion boards, instant messaging services and e-mail are all mediums that allow individuals to engage in communication. However, although the Internet is a public domain, individuals do not have to honestly represent themselves. Many individuals use false namesRead MoreEssay on Online Fraud, E-Crime, and Internet Scams1308 Words   |  6 PagesOnline Fraud, E-Crime, and Internet Scams In the mid-1980’s, computer-related crimes appeared in the United States. Computer-related crimes have now spawned into Internet crimes, and have raised issues regarding Internet security. Essentially, the Internet has become a playground for criminal mischief. Basically, 21st-century technology and Internet accessibility are providing arenas for criminals to use old-fashioned techniques to take advantage of consumers. Recently, Internet crime ratesRead MoreBest Practices For Preventing Identifying And Reporting Internet Fraud Essay1590 Words   |  7 PagesBest Practices for Preventing, Identifying and Reporting Internet Fraud The Internet plays critical roles in the fabric of today s society, and people use their computers and mobile devices for business, social contact, recreation playing games and many other activities. However, everyone faces cyber crime risks when using their computersm and these perils range from phishing to investment fraud. People use their computing devices to work, buy products and services and store vital personal informationRead MoreInternet Fraud: an Overview of Classifications, Government Actions, and Consumer Protection3671 Words   |  15 PagesInternet Fraud: An Overview of Classifications, Government Actions, and Consumer Protection December 14, 2006 Internet Fraud: An Overview of Classifications, Governmental Actions, and Consumer Protection Internet fraud is an increasing threat to our technological society, which thrives on the advances and benefits of the Internet and e-commerce. With the increased growth and dependence of the Internet, creative individuals have found ways of conveying fraudulent schemes as legitimate goodsRead MoreList Of The Top Types Of Internet Fraud1699 Words   |  7 PagesWork At Home and Home Based Business Scams and How to Avoid Them Home-based business and work-at-home opportunity scams rank very high on the list of the top types of Internet fraud. In this presssing issue, I’ll concentrate on the Top home-based business/work-at-home scams. We’ll give you the straight goods on envelope stuffing, mystery shopping, and other common home-based business â€Å"opportunities† you may have seen floating around the Net. Then, I’ll give you some important tips you can useRead MoreInternet Fraud Is Greater Than Ever1432 Words   |  6 Pagesote - In a world amid the buzzing and beeping of smart phones, laptops, and tablets, our susceptibility now to internet fraud is greater than ever. It’s not incredibly uncommon to hear of someone’s experience with separation anxiety over their mobile device. and although this may be common nature and just scream of the attachment issues we’ve developed with each new technological advancement becoming available on the market, the preeminent problem is security. The deceit in the system is clearRead MoreInternet Scam1309 Words   |  6 PagesTopic : Internet Scam Thesis Statement : Why many students victimized in Internet Scam? The aim of this chapter Chapter 1 : I.Introduction The aim of this chapter is to give an overview of Internet fraud in general. The Internet fraud definition, types and examples will be discussed. The chapter identifies some web applications that are suffering from Internet fraud as well as some statistics for Internet fraud impact. It also presents some existing techniques and strategies to detect and prevent

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Finance 301 - 1028 Words

Finance 301 Review 1. The following are advantages to incorporating a business: A. Easier access to financial markets to raise capital through sale of stocks and bonds. B. Limited Liability C. Becoming a legal entity that can have a life in perpetuity. 2. Board of directors is elected by, and represents the interests of the shareholders of the corporation. 3. Corporate managers are expected to make capital budgeting and other decisions that are in the best interest of the corporations shareholders. 4. Sound judgment and effective decision making are important attributes for financial managers because they represent the means to the desired end, to maximize the firm’s stock price, which in turn maximizes shareholder wealth. 5.†¦show more content†¦29. A common size balance sheet portrays all of the items on the balance sheet as a percentage of the firm’s total assets, and a common size income statement portrays all of the items on the income statement as a percentage of the firm’s total revenues. 30. Free cash flow is cash flow that is available for distribution to all of the company’s investors (stockholders and creditors) after paying current expenses (other than interest) and taxes, maintain adequate working capital, and making the investments necessary for growth. Market Value added- Market value of equity – book value of equity Market to book ratio- Market value of equity/book value of equity Return on assets (ROA)- After-tax operating income/ total assets Return on capital (ROC)- after-tax operating income/(long term debt + equity) Return on equity(ROE)- Net income/ Equity EVA- after-tax operating income –cost of capital x capital Operating profit margin- after-tax operating income/sales Asset turnover- sales/total assets at start of year Fixed asset turnover- Sales/fixed assets at start of year Receivables turnover- Sales/ receivables at start of year Average collection period- receivables at start of year/ (sales/365) Inventory turnover- Cost of goods sold/ inventory at start of year Days in inventory- Inventories at start of year/ (cogs/365) Long term debt ratio- long term debt/(long term debt + equity) Long term debtShow MoreRelatedFinance 301 Sample Final Exam1138 Words   |  5 PagesQuestion 1 - Bond Valuation Assume the following information for bonds A and B. Both bonds have the same YTM and have semi-annual coupon payments. Bond B is currently selling at par. Face Value Maturity Coupon Rate Bond A 1000 30 yrs 8% Bond B 1000 20 yrs 10% a) What is the price for Bond B (2 pts)? What is the current yield for Bond B (2 pts)? Bond A is selling at a ________(discount /par/Read MoreWeek 3 Individual Assignment Fin/419 - Finance for Decision Making1390 Words   |  6 PagesWeek 3 Individual Assignments Finance for Decision Making FIN/419 January 30, 2012 Chapter 4: Problem 4-23 – Personal Finance Problem Funding your retirement - You plan to retire in exactly 20 years. Your goal is to create a fund that will allow you to receive $20,000 at the end of each year for the 30 years between retirement and death (a psychic told you would die exactly 30 years after you retire). You know that youRead MoreLoan Is Not For An Additional Six ( 6 )1120 Words   |  5 Pagesand endorsement to the title policy. Facility B) The $740,000 Revolving Construction Line of Credit will provide sufficient proceeds for the Borrower to build 2 units at one time; the average cost of each unit is $326,000 of which the Bank will finance 100%. This figure consists of $979,500 for direct construction and $25,000 in interest reserve proceeds held back for each unit. Considering the $351,500 cost for each unit the total aggregate funding under Facility B will be $1,054,500. ProceedsRead MoreRisk Allocation On Project Structuring And Current Practices2683 Words   |  11 PagesSTRUCTURING AND CURRENT PRACTICES I. Introduction Project finance is best understood in terms of a risk allocation which reconciles the potentially conflicting objectives of borrowers and lenders by utilizing the long-term economic and commercial linkages between the sponsors, lenders and third party participants involved with a project. (Howcroft Fadhley, 1998). In theory, the basic principle of risk allocation for the project finance is â€Å"Allocating project risks to the most suitable participantRead MoreMassey-Ferguson, 1980: Case Study Solution Essay1905 Words   |  8 Pagesthe short-term debt, and offer greater protection to the incumbent debtholders. However, such an alternative is unfeasible, since a dilution of their voting power would be unacceptable to current shareholders, and the market would be unwilling to finance such a debt-ridden company. e) Refinancing: Debt-equity Swap This is the most attractive option for Massey-Ferguson’s future survival, although it will be detrimental to the debtholders’ short-term interests, and expose them to higher risk asRead MoreInternational Business Competing in the Global Marketplace 8th Edition Charles W. L. Hill5106 Words   |  21 PagesSeries in Finance Alexander/Sharpe/Bailey Geisst Fundamentals of Investments Megginson Investment Banking in the Financial System Andersen Corporate Finance Theory Melvin Global Derivatives: A Strategic Risk Management Perspective Bear/Moldonado-Bear Gitman International Money and Finance Principles of Managerial Finance* Principles of Managerial Finance–– Brief Edition* Mishkin/Eakins Financial Markets and Institutions Free Markets, Finance, Ethics,Read MoreFinance1176 Words   |  5 PagesDUKE UNIVERSITY Fuqua School of Business FINANCE 251F/351 Individual Assignment #1 Cost of Capital at Ameritrade Prof. Simon Gervais Spring 2010 – Term 1 In this case, you have to use data from comparables to estimate the cost of capital at Ameritrade. The process involves a few stages that this handout will guide you through. First, we need to determine which set of ï ¬ rms to use as comparable ï ¬ rms. You should try two diï ¬â‚¬erent sets. The ï ¬ rst set will include three discount brokerage ï ¬ rms: CharlesRead MoreInstructor’s Manual Fundamentals of Financial Management60779 Words   |  244 Pagesbasic financial management course. Fundamentals of Financial Management sequences things in order to cover certain foundation material first, including: the role of financial management; the business, tax, and financial setting; the mathematics of finance; basic valuation concepts; the idea of a trade off between risk and return; and financial analysis, planning, and control. Given a coverage of these topics, we then have found it easier to build upon this base in the subsequent teaching of financialRead MoreImportance Of Personal Finances : The National Financial Educators Council2357 Words   |  10 Pages Importance of Personal Finances Jonathan Woods Liberty University Online ACCT 301-B08 LUO 201520 Week 7 According to the National Financial Educators Council, youth across America are slowly becoming illiterate when it comes to their personal finances. A study was introduced by Beierlein Neverett (2013) through Harris Interactive for the National Council of Economic Education that stated, â€Å"Participants, 3,512 adults aged 18 and above and 2,242 students in grades 9-12, took a 24Read MoreCapital Structure-Myers12949 Words   |  52 Pages09:10:16 2007 Journal of Economic Perspectives-Volume 15, Number 2-Spring 2001-Pages 81-1 02 Capital Structure Stewart C. Myers he study of capital structure attempts to explain the mix of securities and financing sources used by corporations to finance real investment. Most of the research on capital structure has focused on the proportions of debt vs. equity observed on the right-hand sides of corporations balance sheets. This paper is an introduction to that research. There is no universal

Property ownership the case of muslim women Free Essays

string(191) " hubbies when the deceased hubbies have kids and to one-fourth if they are childless while girls on the other manus are entitled to merely half the portion of their brother ‘s portion\." Abstraction Property ownership has been extremely debated in recent old ages particularly when it comes to adult females. The instance of Muslim adult females has been dismaying in certain Muslim states because though adult females are allowed to have belongings some traditions when set together with some Islamic Laws are extremely curtailing adult females ‘s ownership belongings. Property in this light includes land, house and other touchable belongingss. We will write a custom essay sample on Property ownership: the case of muslim women or any similar topic only for you Order Now This paper based on exemplifying the different beginnings of belongings acquisition which has been hindered due to, in most instance calculated confusion of Islamic Torahs and customary Torahs which had restricted the ownership of belongings by Muslim adult females in different Islamic parts. Introduction Womans in many states still face inequality at place, in their communities and the society at big. They are normally left in the background because of province Torahs, customary Torahs and spiritual beliefs. This inequality besides affects their right of belongings ownership. The rights of adult females to have, inherit, manage and dispose of belongings whether touchable or intangible has been minimized by persons, imposts and Torahs in many states of the universe today. These adult females who most frequently constitutes a greater population of the state, are non give the chance to ain land, houses, autos, bank history, cowss, harvests and many other signifiers of belongings. Women ‘s right to belongings most frequently depends on the relationship they portion with work forces around them. Religion excessively has besides had an impact on the ownership of belongings by adult females when set together with customary beliefs. These two when put together in utmost instances greatly limits the right of a adult females to ain belongings. Religion has been interpreted to the hurt of the Islamic adult female but to the advantage of the Islamic adult male. These several reading of Islam under different customary Torahs has reduced the rights of adult females to ain belongings. This paper hence brings out the function of Muslim faith on the ownership of belongings by Muslim adult females. Analyze what the Islamic faith says about adult females having belongings and what is the existent state of affairs at manus. That is how the Islamic faith is integrated with tradition and province jurisprudence and its impact on the ownership of belongings by Muslim adult females in Muslim parts. The Role of Islam in Property Ownership amongst Muslim Women Historically, the Quran acknowledges the right of adult females to ain belongings. The Quran explains of import station held by adult females during the period of the prophesier which made them to get belongings. In general footings the Islamic jurisprudence allows adult females to keep, usage and dispose of belongings but when you go into inside informations the footings become really complicated and this therefore restrict these adult females. The Islamic jurisprudence acknowledges the fact that a adult female should be given what she earns and which can be a adult male ‘s when she volitionally transfers it to the adult male. But when we consider the fact that Muslim adult females are suppose to be really reserve, their right of belongings ownership which can be gained merely when they are exposed is restricted. To have a belongings in any signifier means you need to pull off this belongings and this direction can non be adequately established in the private infinite you need the public infinite. The undermentioned analyses discuss the different ways in which belongings can be acquired but which adult females are being restricted in societies where Islam and tradition are being practiced in extremes. Inheritance In Islam the adult male is considered the caput of the household and has the right to ain belongings. Inheritance which is a signifier of belongings ownership extremely favors the adult male. Though adult females have the right to inherit belongings of a asleep member of their household, their ain portion is normally half of what the adult male inherits. Though adult females have the right to inherit from their male parent, it is normally two portions for work forces and one for adult females. They believe that adult females do non hold any duty to take attention of the household as the work forces do, therefore the work forces should be given more. In most traditional Muslim states the combination of customary and Muslim jurisprudence against adult females refering this issue makes adult females to be wholly refused the right of belongings ownership. For them since these adult females do non take attention of the household, they should non be given the right to have any belongings. Besides in most jurisprudence tribunals like in Northern Nigeria where Islam is practiced, the right of adult females to inherit belongings is denied by some Judgess though Islam accepts these rights. Most frequently, the heritage is done in theory and non in patterns. The adult females are merely told that they have been assigned this part of belongings which in most instances is ne’er given to them. Property ownership is consider as a adult male ‘s concern since adult females are considered to be dependent and weak and needs the support of a adult male to manage belongings issues. Annelies Moors ( 1995 ) besides explains that while in Islamic jurisprudence adult females have heritage rights, these so are by and large more limited than those of work forces. This she explains that, looking into the portions of the widows and girls, the male penchant is normally really clear. This is because, in the instance where the hubby dies it is hard for the adult female to inherit the hubby ‘s belongings because she can acquire married to another adult male or better still she is suppose to remain under the protection of the work forces in the hubby ‘s household be i t her boies or the hubby ‘s brothers. Harmonizing to Islam, married womans are entitled to one-eighth of the belongings of their hubbies when the deceased hubbies have kids and to one-fourth if they are childless while girls on the other manus are entitled to merely half the portion of their brother ‘s portion. You read "Property ownership: the case of muslim women" in category "Essay examples" Besides, when there is an lone girl she gets half of the asleep male parent ‘s belongings and the remainder goes to the male parent ‘s male relations while an lone boy gets the full belongings of the asleep male parent demoing a biased against these adult females. This is because the belongings the adult female with kids owns goes to her kids particularly if they are male childs and if she does non acquire married, she is given less and most frequently refused because she can be remarried. The instance of a childless adult female is worst because she is left with nil a s belongings even if she contributed in the acquisition of the belongings. Besides, having a belongings means giving the adult female an upper manus and altering her private infinite to a public infinite. A adult female is suppose to be really modesty in her private infinite and non exposed by having belongings to the public infinite which is considered a adult male ‘s infinite. This perceptual experience is different with urban and rural Muslim adult females. Annelies Moors ( 1995 ) , discusses that although the adult females in both country knew their rights of belongings ownership, some those in the urban countries accepted their ain portion of the estate but most in the rural countries stayed retrained from geting their ain portions. This I believe was the consequence of their customary jurisprudence in those rural countries which prohibited them. Education Education is a signifier of belongings acquisition because when you are educated you are exposed to issues of cognizing your rights. In most parts of Africa where Islam is practiced, the figure of misss traveling to school has been comparatively low compared to the Christian countries. The people do non see the demand of educating the miss kid since she is believed to be the belongings of the adult male. Education is non a precedence but early matrimonies are encouraged. Traveling to school is meant for the male childs who will finally go a household caput and needs instruction and belongings to take attention of the household. This is really common with Muslims particularly in the rural countries who strongly believe in their customary and Islamic Torahs. Most of them are non cognizant of any province jurisprudence or international human rights Torahs or even the Islamic which give them the right to ain belongings. Vanessa Maher ( 1974 ) , explains that Berbers in Morocco equivalent of privacy, and continuing household award integral in maintaining their miss kid at place since schools are considered as a corrupting influence and giving entree to the populace sphere doing instruction really irrelevant. Work Harmonizing to the Islamic jurisprudence, adult females are allowed to work but this is normally under certain fortunes and under really rigorous conditions. In many Islamic states, occupation chances for adult females and work forces are non the same. They are non given equal chances because adult females are extremely restricted from public life. A adult female is non supposed to work entirely with a adult male because harmonizing to the Quran they might be tempted. A adult female is non supposed to make any occupation that will expose her award of muliebrity but she is supposed to stay modest. Islam by and large recommends that adult females stay at place and take attention of the place. When Vanessa Maher carried out her field work on Women and Property in Morocco in 1974, she pointed out that adult females do non work for rewards because their engagement in the ‘public domain ‘ is considered immoral. This alone prohibits these adult females from making anything that will do them get belongings. Besides the adult male has is oblarged harmonizing to Islam to continue his duty of keeping the adult female. The hubby is responsible for keeping his married woman and the full household non the other manner round even when the married woman has the agencies, so this besides discourages Muslim adult females from working. Harmonizing to the Islamic jurisprudence, adult females are allowed to work but this is normally under certain fortunes and under really rigorous conditions. In many Islamic states, occupation chances for adult females and work forces are non the same. They are non given equal chances because adult females are extremely restricted from public life. A adult female is non supposed to work entirely with a adult male because harmonizing to the Quran they might be tempted. A adult female is non supposed to make any occupation that will expose her award of muliebrity but she is supposed to stay modest. Islam by and large recommends that adult females stay at place and take attention of the place. When Vanessa Maher carried out her field work on Women and Property in Morocco in 1974, she pointed out that adult females do non work for rewards because their engagement in the ‘public domain ‘ is considered immoral. This alone prohibits these adult females from making anything that will do them get belongings. Besides the adult male has is oblarged harmonizing to Islam to continue his duty of keeping the adult female. The hubby is responsible for keeping his married woman and the full household non the other manner round even when the married woman has the agencies, so this besides discourages Muslim adult females from working. Even the dowry and care gift in which the adult female is entitled to be given to her for matrimony is merely owned by her in theory and non in pattern. Annelies Moors 1995 when she carried out her research in Palestine explained that â€Å" younger small town adult females seldom expressed an involvement in selling their gold ( which was their dowry ) to purchase productive belongings ; they would instead put it in their hubby and his house † . This is because when she gets married to the adult male this belongings automatically goes back to the adult male since he is supposed to command the household ‘s resources. At times the dowry and care gift are orally given through promises and the adult female ne’er receives it. The dowry is bit by bit losing its value because most modern-day Muslim adult females will prefer their hubbies to put his resources in the up support of the household. They do non truly care about the dowry particularly in the urban countries. More so, in instance of divorce since the married woman does non hold any right of belongings compensation or sharing all what was given to her as dowry is taken by the hubby. This is because, during matrimony the belongingss she contributes to the household are non regarded as hers but the hubby ‘s belongings. Annelies Moors ( 1995 ) , in her research in Palestine explains that adult females no longer sell their gold dowry to purchase productive belongings because independent female ownership of such belongings clangs with their definition as dependent married womans. They alternatively use it to put in their households therefore cut downing their entree to belongings. Decision Though attempts are being made to heighten belongings ownership by Muslim adult females, this issue is more complicated in the rural countries since there are strong customary Torahs which restrict adult females. When these customary Torahs are put together with the Islamic Torahs, these adult females are wholly isolated in the ownership of belongings. This is because there is a calculated confusion between Islamic Torahs and customary jurisprudence by work forces which suppress a adult female ‘s right of having belongings doing the customary jurisprudence to rule. Actual control of belongings has still remained in custodies of the work forces. Women ‘s less right of belongings harmonizing to Islamic ideas is seen to be compensated with the fact that they are under the detention of the work forces. Property is considered as power, and the more belongings you own the more powerful you are. Mentions DUPRET, B. , BERGER, M. , Al-ZWAINI, L. ( Eds. ) , Legal Pluralism in the Arab World, The Hague, Kluwer International, 1999 ROSEN, L. ( 2000 ) : The Justice of Islam. Comparative Perspectives on Islamic Law and Society, Oxford U.P Vanessa Maher ( 1974 ) ; Women and Property in Morocco: The Changing Relation to the Process of Social Stratification in the Middle Atlas. Cambridge University Press. Annelies Moors ( 1995 ) ; Women Property and Islam: Palestinian Experience 1920-1990. Cambridge Middle East Ngon A ; eacute ; Diop Tine and Mohamadou Sy ( 2003 ) : Womans and Land in Africa: A instance Study from Senegal. How to cite Property ownership: the case of muslim women, Essay examples

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Science And Inventions Essays - Giftedness, Renaissance Painters

Science And Inventions Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest and most ingenious men that history has produced. His contributions in the areas of art, science, and humanity are still among the most important that a single man has put forth, definitely making his a life worth knowing. Da Vinci, born on April 15, 1452, is credited with being a master painter, sculptor, architect, musician, engineer, and scientist. He was born an illegitimate child to Catherina, a peasant girl. His father was Ser Piero da Vinci, a public notary for the city of Florence, Italy. For the first four years of his life he lived with his mother in the small village of Vinci, directly outside of the great center of the Renaissance, Florence. Catherina was a poor woman, with possible artistic talent, the genetic basis of Leonardos talents. Upon the realization of Leonardos potential, his father took the boy to live with him and his wife in Florence (Why did). This was the start of the boys education and his quest for knowledge. Leon ardo was recognized by many to be a Renaissance child because of his many talents. As a boy, Leonardo was described as being handsome, strong, and agile. He had keen powers of observation, an imagination, and the ability to detach himself from the world around him. At an early age Leonardo became interested in subjects such as botany, geology, animals (specifically birds), the motion of water, and shadows (About Leonardo). At the age of 17, in about 1469, Leonardo was apprenticed as a garzone (studio boy) to Andrea del Verrocchio, the leading Florentine painter and sculptor of his day. In Verrocchios workshop Leonardo was introduced to many techniques, from the painting of altarpieces and panel pictures to the creation of large sculptural projects in marble and bronze. In 1472 he was accepted in the painters guild of Florence, and worked there for about six years. While there, Leonardo often painted portions of Verrocchios paintings for him, such as the background and the kneeling a ngel on the left in the Baptism of Christ (Encarta). Leonardos sections of the painting have soft shadings, with shadows concealing the edges. These areas are distinguished easily against the sharply defined figures and objects of Verrocchio, that reflect the style called Early Renaissance. Leonardos more graceful approach marked the beginning of the High Renaissance. However, this style did not become more popular in Italy for another 25 year (Gilbert 46). Leonardo actually started the popularization of this style. For this reason Leonardo could be called the Father of the High Renaissance. Leonardos leading skills emerged through his paintings and his techniques. Leonardos talents soon drew him away from the Guild and in 1472 Leonardo finished his first complete painting, Annunciation. In 1478 Leonardo reached the title of an Independent Master. His first large painting, The Adoration of the Magi (begun in 1481), which was left unfinished, was ordered in 1481 for the Monastery of San Donato a Scopeto, Florence. Other works ascribed to his youth are the Benois Madonna (1478), the portrait Ginevra de Benci (1474), and the unfinished Saint Jerome (1481). Leonardo expanded his skills to other branches of interest and in 1481 Leonardo wrote an astonishing letter to the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. In this letter he stated that he knew how to build portable bridges; that he knew the techniques of constructing bombardments and of making cannons; that he could build ships as well as armored vehicles, catapults, and other war machines; and that he could execute sculpture in marble, bronze, and clay. Thus, he entered the service of the Duke in 1482, working on Ludovicos castle, organizing festivals, and he became recognized as an expert in military engineering and arms. Under the Duke, Leonardo served many positions. He served as principal engineer in the Dukes numerous military enterprises and was active as an architect (Encarta). As a military engineer Leonardo d esigned artillery and planned the diversion of rivers. He also improved many inventions that were already in use such as the rope ladder. Leonardo also drew pictures of an armored tank hundreds of years ahead of its time. His concept failed because the tank was too heavy to